You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cannabis…

and that’s pretty close.

Each bottle of Sip is infused with pure THC and naturally-derived terpenes. Couple these two components with a flavor line-up reminiscent of your most recent tropical vacation and you’re in for a wild ride, wherever that ride may take you.

Who We Are

At Sip, we believe in keeping life simple. We fill our days and nights with things that make us happy and cannabis is high on that list. Each Sip flavor is infused with the highest quality distillate and organically derived terpenes designed to complement both the flavor of the drink and the desired effect. Additionally, our drinks are made using nanotechnology, which means you get the strongest, fastest result each time you Sip.

How to Sip

Metabolizing cannabis results in much stronger effects than traditional methods of smoking or vaporizing. The effects of edibles may take an hour to notice for people with faster metabolisms and up to two hours or more for people with slower metabolisms. so it’s important to be patient. drinking on an empty stomach will heighten effects and decrease digestion time.

Sip. Seize the Day (or Night). Repeat.