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The newest superb flavor in the lineup, blends luscious, juicy grapes and a hint of berry to create a soothing night-time cooler.The combination of THC and CBN have an out-of-this-world calming effect, relaxing the body and mind. Sweet dreams.

Effect: Sleep
Benefits: May calm you down and get you ready to knock out for the night.
Highly recommended for: Slipping into something comfortable and sleeping the day (or night) away.

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any better...we decided they could. We've used the same nanotechnology, high-quality distillate and naturally derived terpenes to create our latest Sipsation: Dreamberry, an enhanced elixir.

5 reviews for Dreamberry

  1. Angela

    Definitely knocks me out, maybe a little too much. Effects last a solid 8 hours and I feel groggy even after 8 hours of sleep. Also gives me massive munchies.

  2. Shanez

    Is anyone else’s Dreamberry SIP a little chunky? or flakey? Is this normal? The color is cuuuute though. Hits.

  3. B52T

    Best sleep ever!

  4. Chris

    Helps me wind down at the end of the day, and helps me get to sleep without taking medication.

  5. chris

    I use liquids every so often for sleep. I took a/b 1/2 the recommend dose. laughed a little at something on cable & slept good with no hallucinating.

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