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One sip of this sensational strawberry flavor feels like taking a bite of a berry picked right from the vine. Its sweet flavor tastes like a warm summer day and helps you sleep just a little more soundly. Wild Berry is just one of many Sip flavors with more coming soon, now that’s refreshing. 



Each bottle of Sip is infused with pure THC and naturally-derived terpenes. Couple these two components with a flavor line-up reminiscent of your most recent tropical vacation and you’re in for a wild ride, wherever that ride may take you.

3 reviews for Wildberry

  1. Ingrid

    Wild Berry Sips is amazing. I have chronic insomnia. I tried vaping first. Then I decided to try edibles. The wild berry SLEEP Sips is OMG! Amazing. I took the first dose and an hour later I was completely ready for sleep.
    I highly recommend this product. When I can finally get back to a busy hectic life I will try the HURRICANE.

  2. Sara

    I’ve always had trouble sleeping even as a kid , I’ve tried Zquill and just woke up drowsy but this Sip sleep is amazing . Fell asleep and stayed asleep with no drowsiness waking up .

  3. Mia

    Def the best flavor of sips and I’ve tried them all! I really only enjoy this one without chasing it with water after. Wild berry for life.

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